Warmth for a Heart Grown Cold

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Many days my heart felt stone cold. I knew it wasn’t supposed to be that way, but I didn’t have time to figure out how to thaw it. I would begin to warm each morning with the Lord, snuggled into my “sanity chair”—an orange swivel rocker tucked into my bedroom. But then I would open my door and walk into what was supposed to be homeschool in progress, to find … someone cheating, or kids passing filthy notes back in forth, or a child enraged at algebra, or missing children doing who knows what who knew where …


… and the freeze would immediately reclaim its territory.

If that’s you—if your heart has grown cold and you don’t have time to dig out the hot water bottle amidst the chaos of your life—I want to hand you 31 cups of warmth and encouragement this month.

I’m excited to participate in the Write 31 Days Challenge.


Though Mother of Pearls Blog’s target audience has always been SAFE (Step/Adoptive/Foster/and Every other nonbiological) moms, I’ve found that I usually write to a broader audience. For the month of October, though, I am writing specifically to moms whose hearts have grown cold from the chill of parenting children born of another woman’s womb.

Everyone is welcome at my coffee shop (or tea room or cocoa bar, if that’s your preference). In fact, if you have friends you think will benefit from a sip of warmth, please, please, please invite them to join us. At the same time, if this is not your thing, just ignore me for the next several days. I truly don’t want to annoy you with a daily blog bleeping in your inbox—at least without warning.

So considered yourself invited—or warned—whatever fits the current temperature of your heart.

For those of you battling the frost of life, here’s a little survey for you.

What causes your heart to grow cold? What is it you have a difficult time overcoming? In other words, what topics would you like me to address this month.

Since this is probably a personal issue for you, please feel free to share your response privately at cherijohnson5x@gmail.com.

As for today, here’s the first drop of warmth in your cup:


©Cheri Johnson October 2016


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