How about a Warm-up on that Cup?


Sometimes when you sip a cup of warmth, the contents can turn a bit tepid. So how about a top-off of this week’s cups? Some people might call this day of the week “throwback Thursday.” Not sure my theme supports that picture. Instead, I’ll be spending the Thursdays of the Write 31 Days challenge to re-serve the warmth shared throughout the previous six days. That way if you missed anything, or simply want a refill, the offerings are here for your enjoyment.


Feel free to take your time soaking in the warmth of God’s graciousness, served in my little nook of the world. There’s nothing better than enjoying a cup with a friend, so feel free to take a seat and share your heart. My cup is warm but my heart is warmer—eager to hear your thoughts.

Oh wait, disclaimer for this week. I’m at a writer’s conference all weekend—so my seat at the table is vacant. Go ahead and share your thoughts and I’ll get back to you early next week. After, the 9th I’ll be sitting daily in my nook. I can’t wait to cradle a cup with you.

Saturday, October 1’s cup offered a filling of Jesus for the times we’re completely drained.

Fullness for a Heart Drained Empty


Sunday, the 2nd, served a new song to mute the discords screeching in our hearts.

Music for a Heart Torn by Discord


Monday, started with a fresh clean cup of forgiveness.

Cleansing for a Heart Grown Dirty


Tuesday placed a pot of Christ’s empowerment on the table where we sat in total ineptness.

Empowerment for a Heart Inept


And Wednesday drowned exaggerated fear in God’s perfect love.

Safety for a Heart Scared Senseless


Happy weekend, everybody. Oh yes,

I will still be sharing cups of warmth while I’m gone. They’ve been prepared ahead of time and will arrive toasty and tasty each day. As you partake may you …

… know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:19, NASB).


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