Release for a Heart Self-Reliant


This past weekend I attended a writer’s conference where I met many aspiring authors. I enjoyed getting to know other writers and hearing their stories. The sessions we attended often invited discussions. One such class allowed me to share why I write and the struggles SAFE moms face. One sympathetic mom responded to something I must have said about SAFE moms not being able to meet their children’s needs.

“You don’t have to be everything; you just have to be enough.”

I looked at her, shook my head and replied, “No, it’s impossible to even be enough. But God, God is enough.”


In my growing up years I was never the ace at anything. There were always smarter kids, more beautiful faces, sweeter singers, and wiser sages. Yet the things I did, I did well. I didn’t graduate college with a 4.0, but I graduated with honors. I didn’t receive the highest award at my college, but I was nominated. And even if I didn’t stand out, I stood solid. I knew I was a great candidate for being a mom to orphans. I was patient and insightful. I seemed quiet, but was very self-assured.

Oh my, how quickly that changed when I became a mom. Suddenly, everything I did failed. Before then, any time I failed, my failure only impacted me. Now my failures impacted three children and a husband.

So, I tried harder. That always worked before. Study more, pray longer, get up earlier, stay up later. Be open-minded and teachable. Seek the Lord and follow His instructions.

But no matter how hard I tried, how much I learned, or how frequently I prayed, I failed. I failed to understand. I failed to be patient. I failed to listen. I failed to bond. I failed in so many ways.

But through all my failings, I came to believe that God delights in taking us to a place where we’re not enough. Those of us who’ve had fairly successful lives—who’ve been successfully self-reliant—must be brought to a place where we can’t begin to be strong enough, wise enough, or loving enough.

Why? Two reasons.

One, so we get the pleasure of discovering that God is more than enough. He is mightier than the strongest enemy, wiser than the most perceptible counselor, abundantly loving when we’re impatient, and ultimate strength in our weariness.

It’s only where we lack that we taste the sweetness of His overflow.

Two, so our children can learn about the everlasting goodness of God. If we were able to meet all their needs, they’d never learn to seek God and they would turn to us as if we were Santa Claus.

Our lack is intended to cause our children to hunger and search so that some day they will find Him.

So, keep being the best you can be. And where you fall short, watch God pour in His abundance. Quit grappling, grunting, and straining to do something you simply can’t. Take off your supermom cape and let God fill you and work mightily through you.


Trust God with your kids. He alone has been with them since the moment they were conceived. He’s more than capable to continue walking beside them—protecting them, providing for them, and guiding them.

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus
(Philippians 4:19, NKJV).


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