How about a Warm Up for Your Cup?


Sometimes when you sip a cup of warmth, the contents can turn a bit tepid. So how about a top-off of this week’s cups? It’s Thursday, the day I re-serve the warmth shared throughout the previous six days of the Write 31 Days challenge. That way if you missed anything, or simply want a refill, the offerings are here for your enjoyment.

Feel free to take your time soaking in the warmth of God’s graciousness, served in my little nook of the world. There’s nothing better than enjoying a cup with a friend, so feel free to take a seat and share your heart. My cup is warm but my heart is warmer—eager to hear your thoughts.


And for those who drink til the last drop, you’ll find a link to a generous offer from DaySpring. (DaySpring, the Christian branch of Hallmark, is an official sponsor of Write31Days. They have something very special for the faithful readers of our posts. They are saying thank you for me in a way I can’t.)

Friday, Oct 14, served reassurance in a rare and priceless teacup, as a reminder that regardless of how worthless you feel, to your Creator you are of invaluable worth.


A New Price Tag for a Heart Unworthy

Saturday, Oct 15, offered a fresh taste of the love still available for the wounded heart to receive, and to give.


Balm for a Wounded Heart

Sunday, Oct 16, served a sweet treat—the story of how a major airline pilot rescued my family from a stupid mistake.


Rescue for a Mind Distracted

Monday, Oct 17, I shared the guest post I got to write for The Content Mom’s website: the story of our adoption and how to choose contentment instead of resentment when we don’t get the family we always dreamed of.

New Vision for a Heart’s Shattered Dreams

Tuesday, Oct 18, was filled to the rim with Scripture verses that deflect the lies the enemy shoots our way.


Truth for a Heart Tricked by Lies

And, Wednesday, Oct 19, offers the only place to turn for vindication when we’ve been misjudged.


Vindication for a Heart Misjudged

Now for that offer. DaySpring is an official supporter of Write31Days and they are offering our readers a chance for a $100 gift certificate. $100! That’s awesome! Just clink this link and it will take you to the special signup page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to use the Rafflecopter giveaway widget before October 28th. If you’re the winner DaySpring will contact you directly.

Thank you for being a dear friend and reading the messages God has burned into my soul during the years I had kids at home. I pray that you are encouraged and that those spots of your own heart that have grown cold, have been warmed by God’s grace and faithfulness.


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