How to See the World More Clearly

Once again I have the privilege to introduce you to another dear mama blogger: Lea Turner. Once again I have to say I love her message! Lea is a mother of five—two of which are nonbio—and one of which is brand new. If anyone can address the topic here today, she can.

In the midst of busy, busy, busy, how do you see clear enough to make an impact on the future? You might be surprised at Lea’s answer. 

What would you want your life to look like in 20 years?

At the beginning of 2017, our pastor asked that question.

The challenge of this question is its demand to focus on what matters most. To scale back the fluff of life and ask what of today will matter tomorrow?

I take the challenge and write one evening what I want life to look like in twenty years:

Friendships with each of my children.
A stable marriage built on God’s grace.
Walking in freedom and wholeness.
Deep relationships with my sister and sister-in-loves.
To be loving the people in front of me with God’s love.

As I sat back and looked at my list, I knew something had to change. None of those things would just happen. Life needed to be lived on purpose to create the lasting fruit I longed for. It would take listening and abiding by the Spirit.

Hectic and busy schedules defined my everyday life. All the events that consumed my days were really good things and from the outside it looked like I was handling it all. Except being busy affected my marriage and children, and if continued these relationships would not flourish over the next twenty years. Busy dictated my time and energy and was taking a toll.

Something had to change.

The Lord whispered only one word this year…”be.” To build sustainable fruit and to flourish in my life and relationships the Lord would have to teach me the spiritual act of being present. Is that not how we abide in the Spirit?

Apr 24 BE

Twenty years from now I want my life to be defined by the spirit, not rush and worry.

Jesus is capable of calming our souls by saying, “Quiet Be still!” Mark 4:39. I only have to make a choice to obey his voice rather than the storm around. Choosing to listen and remember…

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

In a world defined by rushing, finishing to-do-lists, and our hours in between jam-packed with activities and commitments it seems almost impossible to “be still.”

I explained to the Lord how there is no time for me to just “be still.” Continuing to explain to Him how I have five children and a husband to take care of like he did not know.

A New Way to Live

“I am teaching you a calming of your soul when life is crazy all around you.”

As the months have continued on the Lord has slowly taught me to quiet my soul as I go about my day completing my tasks. The reality is that there is no separation between the sacred and the secular. All of life is spiritual because all of life comes from God.

Apr 24 Lea Turner

Throughout my day I began asking the Holy Spirit to show me how to …

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him. Psalm 37:7

Little by little I have noticed my pace is set more to the Spirit than to busy. I find myself throughout the day breathing in deeply, inhaling the Spirit that gives me life. Sometimes I sing, “Come Holy Spirit, come” to remind myself to abide in Him.

Once our souls are calmer, we can go about our days, intentional about loving the people in front of us. Listening—really listening to what the Spirit is doing around us.

Knowing there is …

A time to keep silent and a time to speak. Ecclesiastes 3:7

I do more intentional living rather than wasted time of wonder. Less time is spent aimlessly scrolling social media, and I find myself lingering in the moment rather than rushing onto to the next task.

Through this simple act of being your spiritual eyes awaken to the world around you. More time is spent praying and less time is spent worrying.

So, starting today, here’s what I want you to do:

Make a list of what you want your life to look like in twenty years, commit the list to prayer, and begin to be intentional about abiding in the Spirit. Then listen and obey to His leading. It very well may mean you have to say no to some really great things in order to say yes to what really matters.

Lea Turner

I’m Lea Turner. I have a husband, and we’ve got us, five kids. Three grew in my tummy and two in our hearts. My house is loud and crazy. Moved to Mississippi making me a northern girl stuck in a southern world.

Yeah…tired, worn-out you, looking for a place to find rest for your soul? I understand. I get it. Me too. Rest is what I seek. Finding and living out my truest self is my destiny. I blog at


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