Souvenirs for the Soul: A Glass of Ice-Cold Water

It started as a tiny drug store in a prairie town of 326 people. The new owners took possession in 1931, serving the community which had been devastated by the Great Depression and was just entering the dust bowl years. The owners lived in a small space in the back of the store, separated only by a blanket suspended from the ceiling.

After four-and-a-half years of hardly a customer, they considered selling and moving on to better opportunities. But one smoldering summer day, the wife had a Divine inspiration.

“The people in those cars going up and down the highway must surely be thirsty. What if we put up signs offering a free glass of ice water?” Before they’d finished setting up the signs people were already stopping by for water (and ice cream).

2017 June 19 Hot Traveling

Photo courtesy of Pablo Garcia Saldana @ Unsplash

Handing out free, ice-cold water changed the owners’ lives.

Wall Drug Store in Wall, SD now occupies an entire block, and hosts as many as 20,000 visitors a day. Our family stops there every time we travel down Interstate 90. We just can’t resist a place that has experienced God’s blessings by doing things God’s way. Well, truth be told, I guess we can’t resist their ice cream either.

Once he’d earned enough money to begin traveling, Wall Drug founder, Ted Hustead, had another brilliant idea. While on vacation in London, he hung a huge sign on a wall in a subway station. It humorously informed the locals that Wall Drug was only 5,160 miles away. The sign then offered free information about South Dakota to anyone who wrote them. In short order they began receiving 15-20 letters a day.

Signs began appearing all over the world—sometimes only as large as a road sign—with an arrow pointing in the direction of Wall, SD, and listing the distance to the store. They’ve shown up in places like Paris, Kenya, and even Antarctica. My husband saw one for the first time while touring Greece. It was these signs that drew us to make our first stop while on vacation with our children in 2001.

Since we homeschooled we had decided to take a month-long vacation that September. Temps would be cooler and crowds would be much lighter than traveling during the summer months. As their teacher, I wanted to make every day a learning opportunity. So, in researching our route, I discovered Wall Drug was only a few blocks off the interstate.

When we got there we all made a beeline for that promised free glass of water. We simply had to have a taste of history. Of course, the cooler of water was placed right inside the ice cream parlor where we discovered something even more inviting.

When planning for this trip, I decided to adopt an activity my father had conducted during one of our summer vacations. To minimize teenage sibling arguments, he prepared daily devotions. I did the same, by writing devotions that had to do with what we’d be visiting each day. Well, you might guess what Scripture I used for us to meditate on the day we visited Wall Drug. Yes, Matthew 10:42

“He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me. … And whoever in the name of a disciple gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to you, he shall not lose his reward”

(Matthew 10:40 and 42, NASB).

Souvenir for the Soul

When we do the simplest of things, meeting the most basic of needs, as representatives of Jesus’ compassion for the vulnerable, we are promised great reward.

Ted Hustead, in telling the story of Wall Drug’s history, said,

Free Ice Water. It brought us Husteads a long way and it taught me my greatest lesson, and that’s that there’s absolutely no place on God’s earth that’s Godforsaken. No matter where you live, you can succeed, because wherever you are, you can reach out to other people with something that they need!

Sometimes we think we’ll make the biggest impact by doing big things. Well the story of Wall Drug begs to differ. Jesus begs to differ. It’s such a relief to know our greatest impact is made when doing the small things.

June 19 Cup of Cold Water

So maybe that’s the way we can break through the big walls our “unattached” kids have erected. We don’t have to knock down those walls.

We simply need to stand on our tip toes, extend a hand over, and offer a cup of water.

Something as simple as a smile, a light touch to a shoulder, a few words of encouragement (like “I believe in you.”), a moment to listen (with mouth closed while looking straight into their eyes). These refreshing gestures, will go along way in softening their hearts. You may not notice what happens on the other side of those walls, but in years to come you just might get to hear them tell of the little ways you quenched their thirst.


Offerings at the Heart’s Table


So here we are, the last day of the Write 31 Days Challenge. Wow! What a journey for me as a writer. Thank you so much for your encouragement along the way.

How are my readers doing? Have your hearts been warmed? Have you been able to partake of cups of God’s grace, truth, and love for the areas where you’ve grown cold?


Yesterday in our church group, sweet Judy shared how the day before God told her that emotions like self-pity, shame, anger, frustration, doubt, and so on are simply temptations. That’s all. They are offerings set before us that we have a choice to say yes or no to. I loved how the Lord boiled it all down to something we actually have control over. We simply choose.

So this month I’ve talked about what we can to choose. Warmth or cold?

• Fullness of the Holy Spirit or Emptiness from our own efforts?
• Letting God write His symphony in your life or complaining about the discord?
• Accepting God’s forgiveness or being smothered under the blanket of guilt?
• God’s empowerment or my ineptness?
• Safety of God’s loving embrace or slavery to fear?
• God’s light or disillusionment?
• Hope or grief?
• Belonging or isolation?
• Peace or anger?
• Dependency on God or self-reliance?
• Value based on what God says or what you think?
• Healing or woundedness?
• God’s redemption or self-degrading when we make mistakes?
• Commitment to God’s vision or shattered dreams?
• Truth or the enemy’s lies?
• Vindication from God or defense against misjudgment?
• Humility or pride?
• God’s reality or unrealistic expectations?
• Freedom or unforgiveness?
• Setting boundaries or being trampled?
• Release or control?
• The Bright Morning Star or nightmares?
• Learning to trust again or mistrust?
• Rest or exhaustion?

The choices we make determine how our days go, our years pan out, and how successfully we serve as moms. They determine whether we walk in joy or dread. They reveal what master we serve. They make way for God’s miracles or Satan’s victories.

Which cup will you choose today? Poison from the one who came to steal, kill, and destroy? Or complete satisfaction from the Fountain of Living Water?

We will frequently choose the wrong cup. I’m so glad God continues to offer His cup of redemption.


Every day we get to choose His offering of mercy. Let’s drink full of Him as often as we need.