Offerings at the Heart’s Table


So here we are, the last day of the Write 31 Days Challenge. Wow! What a journey for me as a writer. Thank you so much for your encouragement along the way.

How are my readers doing? Have your hearts been warmed? Have you been able to partake of cups of God’s grace, truth, and love for the areas where you’ve grown cold?


Yesterday in our church group, sweet Judy shared how the day before God told her that emotions like self-pity, shame, anger, frustration, doubt, and so on are simply temptations. That’s all. They are offerings set before us that we have a choice to say yes or no to. I loved how the Lord boiled it all down to something we actually have control over. We simply choose.

So this month I’ve talked about what we can to choose. Warmth or cold?

• Fullness of the Holy Spirit or Emptiness from our own efforts?
• Letting God write His symphony in your life or complaining about the discord?
• Accepting God’s forgiveness or being smothered under the blanket of guilt?
• God’s empowerment or my ineptness?
• Safety of God’s loving embrace or slavery to fear?
• God’s light or disillusionment?
• Hope or grief?
• Belonging or isolation?
• Peace or anger?
• Dependency on God or self-reliance?
• Value based on what God says or what you think?
• Healing or woundedness?
• God’s redemption or self-degrading when we make mistakes?
• Commitment to God’s vision or shattered dreams?
• Truth or the enemy’s lies?
• Vindication from God or defense against misjudgment?
• Humility or pride?
• God’s reality or unrealistic expectations?
• Freedom or unforgiveness?
• Setting boundaries or being trampled?
• Release or control?
• The Bright Morning Star or nightmares?
• Learning to trust again or mistrust?
• Rest or exhaustion?

The choices we make determine how our days go, our years pan out, and how successfully we serve as moms. They determine whether we walk in joy or dread. They reveal what master we serve. They make way for God’s miracles or Satan’s victories.

Which cup will you choose today? Poison from the one who came to steal, kill, and destroy? Or complete satisfaction from the Fountain of Living Water?

We will frequently choose the wrong cup. I’m so glad God continues to offer His cup of redemption.


Every day we get to choose His offering of mercy. Let’s drink full of Him as often as we need.